6 extra things to do at the Edmonton Corn Maze

Aside from gorgeously colourful leaves falling through the crisp air and pumpkin themed everything, Autumn means getting lost in the pathways at the Edmonton Corn Maze for many local families. Most people have heard of Edmonton’s original corn maze, but did you know that Edmonton Corn Maze offers so much more than just an awesomely designed corn maze? Here’s 6 ways to discover all sorts of fun aside from the maze itself at the Edmonton Corn Maze…

1 – Pet ridiculously adorable farm animals

A favourite among little kids, big kids and well, me. You can pet goats, chickens, pigs, cows and more! They also have coin operated machines that dispense food that you can give to the animals, so don’t forget to bring along a couple of quarters. The animals are all fenced in but do come up close enough to interact safely.

2 – Blast the spud guns

Shoot old potatoes out of the pressurized canon at three targets. This is great fun and safe for kids! Pro tip, the smaller potatoes work better and the wind is a factor so keep that in mind before pressing the trigger. You get 3 shots for $2, purchase tickets at the front gates on your way in. There’s also ample seating behind the platform where you shoot from, so those who don’t necessarily want to participate can have a great view of everything.

3 – Bounce around on the Jumping Pillows

Another favourite among the kids, noticing a trend here! Edmonton Corn Maze offers two GIANT air filled pillows providing so much space to bounce around on. This could provide hours of entertainment – it’s that much fun. Jumping Pillows, need we say more?

4 – Stop for a snack

The old farm house has a great selection of snacks to fuel you up. It makes for a great break between phase 1 and 2 of the corn maze. Fresh popped kettle corn, hot drinks and more! You can even take it over to one of their many picnic tables, hay bales or camp fires to sit down and relax for a bit.

5 – Take a selfie on the giant red rocking chair

Okay, it’s so big you’ll definitely have to get someone else to take the picture. The giant rocking chair just outside the entrance to the corn maze is a popular photo op. A great view from the top and pretty fun to climb up too! After you take the pic,

6 – Team build

Before entering the maze, there are a number of different sheets with trivia on them. Grab one (or a couple) that correspond with your group’s interests and knowledge level. There are a few different categories and knowledge levels – from a John Deere specific one (in celebration of this year’s corn maze design) to pop culture ones to farm animals ones for the littler ones. The questions on these sheets correspond to markers in the corn maze and when you get to each point, your answer to the corresponding question determines whether you go left, right or straight in the maze. There’s also a question on the signpost at each point to help you choose who will be the leader for that section of the maze. It’s an awesome team building experience for both families and corporate or group outings. Continue the team building experience afterwards by booking a picnic spot and having a bonfire!

So there you have it, Edmonton Corn Maze is so much more than just an awesome corn maze. And, we didn’t even mention all the fun things you can do there. You’ll have to go to the Edmonton Corn Maze to find out everything for yourself.