Kiwis Nurseries

Kiwi Nurseries Tour

Kiwi Nurseries is a family owned and operated nursery just outside of Edmonton on Highway 16. Murray Monroe and his wife Alison moved to Alberta from New Zealand in 1976 and founded Kiwi Landscaping in 1979. In 1990, they purchased the very land the nursery sits on today. Still owned by Murray and Alison, this business truly is all in the family – both daughters, Kathryn and Ashleigh, are now a major part of this business!

While visiting Kiwi Nurseries for Open Farm Days, we got to experience a tour of the major retail area (the entire property spans 200 acres). Wondering how much it will cost you to take home one of these trees? They start in the $300-range and can cost up to thousands of dollars! Once we were done wandering through the retail area, we headed deeper into see how the trees are planted and grown. There are rows and rows of trees, and the variety seems never-ending! We rounded out the tour by learning about all the other types of plants Kiwi Nurseries grows and sells – from perennials to decorative grass; they have everything you could need to landscape your yard.

I’m so glad I got to experience Kiwi Nurseries and learn all about their business. A big shout-out to the Monroe family for allowing us to share in their pride and joy, and a very special thanks to Ashleigh for the wonderful tour!